DISCOVER KIDS is a library specifically designed for children. The library was started in SEP 2004 with the objective of providing an ideal environment that enables reading and helps in over-all development of the child. What makes it unique is that, in addition to books, the library has puzzles, educational toys, videos and a well designed play area. This makes it an ideal place to read, play, explore, experiment and socialize too. Though all are welcome, the library is meant to address the learning needs of 2-10 year old children.

The library has a large ‘reading zone’ designed for relaxed reading. ‘Puzzle zone’ is an interesting place for children who love to solve puzzles. ‘Play area’ has been specifically designed to facilitate role-playing and socializing.

The library is wi-fi enabled. The complete catalogue is on-line and members can browse and make on-line reservations too.